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Partnering with market leaders

We’re excited to announce our recent collaboration with SlurryKat. SlurryKat are the market leader in the design and manufacture of slurry spreading equipment for the farmer, farm-contractor and biogas industries. The range of high quality SlurryKat products allow for slurry to be transported and spread efficiently. SlurryKat products ensure that your slurry is spread efficiently to optimise soil fertilisation.

SlurryKat Product Range

SlurryKat products include umbilical systems with a choice of hose reelersdribble bars, and trailing shoe applicators. These can be fitted to the SlurryKat Premium Plus and Panterra range of slurry tankers.  

Slurry Pump Solutions

SlurryKat provide a range of slurry pumps, including DODA pumps, agitators, lagoon mixers, vertical and submersible pumps to keep the slurry moving. Mobile Nurse tanks allow slurry to be transported from the farm or biogas plant by tankers or road haulage trucks and discharged into the mobile nurse tank. SlurryKat products allow continuous slurry spreading no matter how far away your fields are from the slurry source. 

Efficient & Straightforward

SlurryKat produce a range of silage and bale trailers, drop sided trailers and low loaders all in a range of sizes. Handler bucketssweepers and shear grabs complete the range of SlurryKat products all working with our customers to make handling slurry easier, more efficient and straightforward.